LIVE LAB is your one-stop shop delivering a wide range of great entertainment for corporate business meetings, launches, award shows, trade shows, PR stunts, and commercials.
We collaborate with creative directors at major production and ad houses from all over the world on all levels to develop the very best in corporate entertainment. Led by two of the communications industry’s most established innovators, Co – Creative Director’s Tee Scatuorchio & Mike Levesque, and their team of theatre professionals develop the most effective means of communicating corporate messaging through smart and compelling live entertainment and video elements. Since its founding, LIVE LAB has provided innovative & spectacular entertainment having produced shows in Paris, Berlin, Doha, Singapore, Tokyo, Beijing, Cologne, Dubai, Beirut, Hong Kong, London, Warsaw, Canada, and across the U.S. Their many awards include 3 Gold medals at the NY Film Festival, Non – Broadcast, and most recently, A Sliver at the World Media Awards in Hamburg, Germany for the Video Commercial, “The Future In Motion” For Panasonic which broadcast in 6 languages across the globe.

  • LIVE LAB will work with a wide range of performers, actors, dancers, specialties
  • LIVE LAB choreographs most styles of dance
  • LIVE LAB will compose a wide range of musical styles & lyrics
  • LIVE LAB will provide costume design
  • LIVE LAB delivers cohesive entertainment
  • LIVE LAB will collaborate with you to create customized proposals
  • LIVE LAB will edit scripts & incorporate video interaction
  • LIVE LAB will direct executives

Corporations from around the globe look to LIVE LAB for innovation, new ideas, and top of the line entertainment that is the envy of their competitors

• LIVE LAB…Making intelligent choices that make for excellent productions.

Tee Scatuorchio show/hide bio
Co-Creative Director/Director/choreographer
Mike Levesque show/hide bio
Co-Creatie Director/Composer/Sound Designer